RoadPAC, the political action committee of the Alabama Road Builders Association, has long been the transportation contractors vehicle for getting involved in Alabama’s legislative process.

By participating in the legislative elections every four years, RoadPAC can speak as an industry and accomplish more than any one company on its own. We have been a strong voice in Alabama’s Statehouse for many years, and plan to continue that level of representation — but we need your help.

In order for RoadPAC to continue to grow and prosper, we need active and visible involvement from every Contractor and Associate member of the Alabama Road Builders Association.

By getting involved with an annual contribution, we can promote the highway transportation construction industry to its highest level. The time is right to become active in encouraging the health of your industry.

Checks may be mailed to:
630 Adams Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Proof of RoadPAC's Success

By supporting Alabama’s Senators and Representatives that have expressed a clear understanding of the importance of our industry, RoadPAC and the Alabama Road Builders Association have:

  • Consistently defeated legislation that would have diverted gas tax revenues for uses other than for construction, maintenance and repair of Alabama’s roads and bridges.
  • Defeated legislation that would have taken more than $100 million from the DOT budget and shifted it for use by Alabama’s 67 counties.
  • Passed the Alabama Work Zone Safety Act to double speeding fines in construction zones.
  • Worked to defeat legislation that would have taxed aggregate producers on the transportation of their product within certain counties in Alabama
  • Passed legislation providing legal protections for Alabama’s transportation contractors from costly and time consuming lawsuits.
  • Defeated efforts to change constitutional protection of Alabama’s road and bridge dollars to allow use for non-construction purposes.
  • Updated Alabama’s Severance tax laws on materials to clarify the manner taxes are levied and collected for county road construction.
  • Opposed legislation mandating the use of non-ALDOT based research to determine surface treatment selection process.

RoadPAC wants to assist you with the very thing that is most important to you and your company — your relationship with the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Alabama Legislature, which understand the vital role our industry plays in the development and success of our state.

By participating in Legislative races across Alabama, RoadPAC assures ARBA members that they will have representation throughout the entire state, not just the area where their company is located.

The voice of many can always be heard over the voice of one. Join the Alabama Road Builders Association and become a contributing member, so your voice can be heard through RoadPAC.

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