ARBA provides governmental representation, responsiveness to industry issues, and industry-related information for its members. Your company will join an experienced and resourceful organization of other industry firms that successfully promotes transportation capital investment in Alabama. The full array of ARBA membership benefits are described below:

al-officeofgov-logoGOVERNMENT LIASON – ARBA is the spokesman for the transportation construction industry, a stronger voice than that of a single member. When ARBA speaks with state and national legislators and officials, those elected and appointed public servants know that standing behind us are almost 200 tax-paying businesses and their thousands of employees, all influential contributors to Alabama’s economic vitality. ARBA is constantly taking part in the lawmaking processes. We monitor legislation, take proactive positions on bills, both for and against, and we provide expert testimony and current information to lawmakers. ARBA works with various agencies, including the Alabama Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and the Department of Revenue, as well as the executive branch to keep them informed of the needs and concerns of the transportation construction industry.
ALDOT-logoALDOT CONTACT – ARBA works continually with ALDOT to improve the contracting process and construction projects. ARBA has forged a strong partnership with the Alabama Department of Transportation. Together, we address the many complex issues involved in constructing and maintaining Alabama’s transportation facilities. As just one example, ARBA members are allowed to participate in the ARBA/ALDOT Liaison Committee meetings, held quarterly, which are responsible for specification changes of concern to the industry. Also, members are invited to the Annual Transportation Conference, which brings together ALDOT and the industry to discuss contractor issues.
COMMITTEES – ARBA has a very active committee structure. One of the most important to our members is the ARBA/ALDOT Liaison Committee, which works to address specifications and contract issues with ALDOT.

ARBA Annual Member Directory

ARBA’s Membership Directory is published every year and is given wide distribution to those connected with or interested in our industry. The directory includes information that is a must for all connected in any way with the transportation construction industry.

us-congress-logoCAPITOL AND WASHINGTON UPDATES – ARBA notifies its members of industry information and legislative reports by way of the Capitol and Washington Updates. These newsletters include information on proposed legislation and other items of interest to the industry. It is delivered at least weekly during the Legislative Sessions, and as needed throughout the remainder of the calendar year.
ARBA ANNUAL CONVENTION – ARBA holds an annual convention, normally in the summer months. The convention lends the membership an excellent opportunity for fellowship among industry members, ALDOT officials and Legislators, in addition to social activities and recreational events.

AFFLIATIONS – The Alabama Road Builders Association is affiliated with the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), in Washington, D.C., and cooperates with it and other national and state organizations on behalf of a comprehensive and efficient transportation program. Every ARBA contractor member has the option of becoming a member of ARTBA. ARBA maintains liaison with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (SASHTO), The Road Information Program (TRIP) and others with transportation construction interests.

artba-logo TRIP-logo

Additional Services

  • The “As Read” low bidders list is furnished to the membership immediately following an ALDOT bid letting via ARBA email. The official low bid sheet will be emailed as soon as ALDOT makes them available.
  • Updated bid tabulations are available as ALDOT makes them available through ALDOT’s link.
  • Updated progress reports are available to all ARBA members through the link on our page.
  • Computers available to ARBA members while in Montgomery.
  • The Bid Solicitation Notice, once received from ALDOT, is sent to the membership.
  • Special bulletins are emailed where immediate action is necessary, advance information on jobs for future lettings,.
  • Advertisements from other agencies, when received, are emailed to ARBA members, in addition to the ALDOT projects.
  • Participates in Annual Transportation Conference in conjunction with Auburn University and ALDOT.
  • The Alabama Roadbuilder Magazine, published quarterly.