Alabama Technology Transfer Center at Auburn University

Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering



This seminar should be of interest to contractors, and their employees, safety representatives, local and state employees, and all those whose work involves street and highway operations on or adjacent to the roadway.

Wednesday, March 18 

Thursday, March 19

Tuesday, March 25

Wednesday, March 26

Traffic Engineering is the subdiscipline of transportation engineering that encompasses the planning, design, and operation of the transportation network, adjacent land uses, and the interaction among all modes of transportation involved. A traffic engineer must understand not only the basic characteristics of the road user, the vehicle, and the roadway, but how each interacts with the others and how these interactions affect traffic operations and safety. A traffic engineer is called on to exercise a broad range of skills and must be sensitive to a wide range of issues for the road user experience to be safe, efficient, and cost effective.
This workshop is aimed to introduce and strengthen the knowledge of anyone that is involved in the traffic engineering field. After attending the workshop, participants should be able to: navigate and apply principles found in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), to make practical decisions, conduct appropriate traffic engineering studies, evaluate and diagnose capacity and safety deficiencies, correlate specific crash types with appropriate safety countermeasures, and select and implement appropriate traffic engineering solutions for specific situations. This workshop should be of interest to engineers and planners that work closely with the traffic engineering field or that are being introduced to it.

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